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Specialist Military History Books – Welcome to Military Press. We are an independent publisher specialising in military history books and based in the United Kingdom. Our publications cover a wide range of military subjects, including:

The British Army, Enigma, Ultra, Signals Intelligence, the Bletchley Series, the French Army, the United States Army, the German Army and U-Boats, Far Eastern Campaigns, Insurgency and Counter Insurgency (including Afghanistan), and Indian Military History.

Recent publications include:

Indian Military History Duty & Fidelity: The Indian Army 1914-1921.

British Military History The British Army 1939-1945 21st Army Group and 2nd Tactical Air Force Organisation and Order of Battle by Alan Philson.

Order of Battle of the Land, Sea and Air Forces of the United Kingdom of World War II by Alan Philson.

The British Army 1939-1945 : War Establishment Tables : North West Europe 1944-45 by Gary Kennedy Volumes VII, VIII & IX

The Bletchley Series Naval Enigma : The History of Hut 8 : 1939-1945 by A P Mahon : edited by John Jackson

German Armed Forces German World War II Organizational series by Leo Niehorster VIII part 3 – Waffen SS Mechanized Formations and GHQ Service Units

French Military History The French Army 1939-1940 : Organisation : Order of Battle : Operational History by Lee Sharp Volume 6 : Part 1

United States Military History United States Army Ground Forces Tables of Organization and Equipment World War II by J J Hays Volume 1 (revised) & Volume 5 parts I & II U.S. Army Divisions 1942-1945 : Order of Battle and Combat Diaries by Yves Bellanger Volume 1 Part 1

A full detailed list of our titles can be found under the relevant tab on this website directing you to the military history relevant to your search. Each title has the relevant costs for both hard and soft back versions of each title. Payment can be made through Paypal, Cheque, or Credit/Debit Card.

Our other website is www.militarybookpublishing.org.uk

Specialist Military History Books